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TR Recruit page 5

August 18th, 2014, 11:00 am

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Author's Comments:

Reply MRZ, August 18th, 2014, 11:06 am

She has a really crappy husband.
And she's waaaaaaaaaaaay too pretty for him

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Reply MR.Zoet, July 29th, 2019, 5:46 pm

Okay, I realize no-one is reading this, but I'm gonna write down here how the rest of this story would've went, because I recently found my notes on this comic and they're really faded. So I really want to write it down before I can't read it anymore and somehow completely forget how the story would've gone.

So, the husband goes downstairs to find the two Rockets breaking in into his house plus Cat AKA the purrloin.
Because Danny was still freaking out too much about the cat having scratched him and Eve trying to comfort him, (also, in my notes Eve is called Daisy, and that is also how I remember calling her, so I'm gonna refer to her as Daisy from now on). Anyway, they easily get overpowered by the husband and he ties them all, including Cat, down in one big rope.
They're left in the room while the husband guy goes to the kitchen to call the police.

Cat easily wiggles herself out of the rope and walks back to the window to escape when she suddenly hears Daisy asks Cat in the sweetest voice if it can't help them break free as well by cutting the rope with scratch. Cat is hesitant.
But then Danny goes on a tantrum about how cats are stupid, dumb, filthy and basically pure evil and it ticks Cat off. Cat walks slowly towards them, which makes Danny freak out again, and gives Danny a few good scratches while cutting the rope at the same time. Both rocket grunts are freed, and with Cat in Daisy's arm they quickly run towards the window and jump out of it before the angry hubby can get to them.

Outside they hide somewhere in an alleyway.
Danny asks Daisy why on EARTH she took that demonic creature with her. She replies that she thinks it's really cute and wants to keep it.
This makes Danny super upset and tells her she can't, because there's plenty other pokémon for her to catch here in SINNOH. (yes this comic takes place in Sinnoh, with them being in Sandgem town at the moment)
But then Daisy replies that she'll never find one as adorable as this one again and asks if he's ever seen a pokémon this adorable before.
Danny thinks for a moment and then realizes he actually hasn't ever seen that pokémon before. If it would turn out to be rare they can give it to the boss and they would finally get some FRESH MONEYZZ (and he wouldn't have to deal with a cat on the team)

They break into the local pokémon center at night to use the PC to google it.
They find out that it is indeed a very rare pokémon from Unova which is really far from Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto where Team Rocket mainly operates.
They decide they're gonna give it to the boss for profit.
Chapter one ends here.

(note that Cat is kinda the main character here and that all the time during their discussions and stuff she's also thinking/saying stuff in pokémon language and being a... Cat. Doing stuff like freaking Danny out on purpose, enjoying being petted by Daisy, thinking what would be the best thing for her to do, etc. )

This is what I'm writing down for now because I don't feel like typing stuff anymore xD
Will probably write the rest some other day.
Honestly the first two chapters are the only parts that I had written out in detail. Everything after that won't take as long to write.

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